Avoiding a real estate ‘lemon’

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Q: I've been wanting to buy a home for years, and now seems to be the perfect time, but I'm still procrastinating. I have a deep-seated fear that I'll buy a home that has hidden problems. I'm afraid of making such a major, long-term financial commitment and then -- surprise! -- the foundation has a problem, or the roof is bad. How do people get past these fears? A: A number of things about home buying should be uncomfortable if you are treating the matter with the appropriate gravity. To make the momentous move from procrastinator to property owner, you must gain a certain level of comfort and control around those items. Mindset Management Many smart homebuyers are concerned about the prospect of buying a "lemon" of a house. Horror stories abound of unsuspecting buyers closing escrow only moments before the house starts to fall apart, piece-by-piece. In fact, years ago, Richard Pryor documented a bizarrely extreme and hilarious version of this phenomenon in the f...