Need fencing? Think vinyl

Styles, pricing, durability among top draws

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If you're exploring the different options for new or replacement fencing, one material to be sure to have on your list of possibilities is vinyl. Vinyl fencing manufacturers have made great strides in recent years, offering a tremendous array of sizes, styles and options to choose from. The overall quality is up; the prices have come down; and competition among the growing number of manufacturers makes it a good time to consider vinyl for your next fence project. Vinyl fencing is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), blended with other chemical additives that add strength and protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Unlike wood, vinyl fencing is completely weather-resistant and virtually impervious to rot, insects or other environmental damage. Another advantage to vinyl is that the color of the fence is created by the color of the vinyl itself -- it is completely through the vinyl, as opposed to a surface layer like paint that can chip, peel or wear off. Vinyl fencing ...