Home modifications save lives, money

AARP study looks at benefits of aging in place

One of my friends just added a gorgeous, walk-in shower to a first-floor bathroom that sits nicely behind a kitchen pantry and easily is accessible to the kitchen, den and home office. The huge rectangular glass-door enclosure features a sliding shower head that can rise more than 8 feet above the stone floor. "Are you expecting grandkids that will be 6-foot-7," I laughed. "That … and if something ever happens to us, we'll need a shower downstairs. That office could quickly become a bedroom." Finding the perfect house is a dream we all share. Having that house remain perfect -- or even functional -- for our specific needs during the later part of our lives is a totally new ballgame. Many older Americans are now finding their once-perfect house that sheltered their babies no longer is perfect for them in retirement or once the kids have gone. Do you sell, pay the closing costs on the house and a real estate commission, and move to a different neighborh...