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Dealing with real estate wild cards

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Is it me, or is everyone just a little crazy lately? I'm feeling like there aren't enough straitjackets to go around, and I'll be darned if I am giving up mine. I know that my one-week sampling of shenanigans is not statistically significant. Real estate is like a game of cards. You are dealt a hand, and play it you must. Each round is different. It's just that this week, someone forgot to take out the jokers, and I pulled them all. At no time during my license preparation did I receive formal training in clinical psychology, but I am now wishing I had pursued this area as a minor. It's not enough sometimes to be good, even great, at what we do -- to be diligent in the execution of our duties, honest in our dealings, noble in our intentions, and extreme in our care. We also have to be counselor, teacher, parent, friend and the "Great Karnak" all wrapped into one. "San Diego Castles Realty. This is Kris," I chirped gaily into the phone. "Are you the o...