Referral opens up refi options

REThink Real Estate

Q: I closed on a house in November 2007. I got a loan at 6.35 percent, and it was immediately sold to another bank. I just went down to the branch to refinance, but they rejected my application because I don’t live there. I tried to explain to them that I’m having massive construction work done and will move when finished. Now, I can’t even get the loan consultant at the branch to return my calls or e-mails. What do you suggest?

A: First off, unless you have a strong relationship with a personal banker or some really compellingly preferential offer being presented by the bank that holds your deposit accounts, there is rarely a compelling rationale for just walking into a branch to get a home loan. In my experience, you’ll get higher-touch service and will have more lenders and mortgage program options at your disposal with a reputable broker you find via referral from your Realtor or others in your circle.