Toddler turf could be toxic

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Q: I've been reading about the presence of lead in the fake grass, or turf, that's used on playing fields and playgrounds. We have this turf in the toddlers' area of our apartment's playground. I snipped a bit off, and took it to a lab to be tested. The technician told me it's way over our state's permissible lead levels, and poses a threat to the health of the children playing on it. How should I approach my landlord about this problem? --Sandy C. A: Although the circumstances are a bit exotic, you've done nothing more than discover a possibly dangerous condition in the common area of your rental property. If you had uncovered a loose front step, a degraded sidewalk or a broken banister, you'd bring the matter to your landlord's attention and ask that he take reasonable steps to remove the danger. The same course is called for here. Lead chromate was added to the fibers used in artificial turf to make the turf green and retard its fading from the sun. Since about 2003, tu...