Picking the right mortgage rep

Who's best at navigating today's market?

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Just as using a top-notch real estate agent enhances the quality of your home-buying experience, so does working with an astute mortgage broker or loan officer. The 80-20 principle applies to most businesses: 20 percent of the practitioners are excellent; 80 are not. How do you find the best person to help you through the rigorous mortgage approval process that has become the norm in today's housing industry? You need someone who knows how to work in the current environment. Getting a loan through the process to a successful closing requires grit and tenacity. HOUSE HUNTING TIP: The best mortgage originators are good at anticipating what documentation the lender's underwriter will require before your loan package is even submitted. When you make application for a mortgage, your loan person ought to be able to tell you what documentation will be required. Providing the documentation quickly is critical if you want to close on time. Unlike several years ago, today's mortgage...