Boomer dilemma: sell or stay?

Price, location aren't only factors in decision

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Climate change, family change, attitude change. For the first time anybody can remember, we've had snow in six consecutive months, including two separate weeks when we could not get out of the driveway (unheard of in the Puget Sound). My wife refuses to get behind the wheel at the sign of a snowflake, and my arthritic knees seem to lock up at the mere mention of "overnight accumulation." Our four kids are grown and gone. If you've ever experienced a child's first birthday away from home, you've got a twinge of the emotional package headed your way. We miss their energy, the chaos of late-night gatherings, and the intense negotiating over who is going to take the car. The powerful family dynamic on display at the dinner table on a Sunday night no longer highlights the weekend. Periodically, we have asked ourselves: Would we ever leave this place? Would it make sense to consider a smaller home closer to town? No more lawn, lower monthly heating costs, a short walk to...