Rules strict on window replacement

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Q: We recently replaced windows that were less than 20 years old, and were told that by law they had to put tempered glass in any window above the front door and above the bathtub. So I assume that glass costs more. We also learned that the windows had to be a certain "size" to open for fire reasons so a fireman could come in through the window with his full gear on. So we have one window that is quite "fancy," which both slides and opens out. But in my view if there were a fire there'd be no way the fireman would care to figure out how it opens and would just break it with his ax. I wonder if we paid more than we should have and whether it's really a law. Although it's too late for us and we are happy enough with the windows, I feel like a sucker at times with high-powered salespeople. Should I have checked with building codes? A: You didn't do anything wrong, and it doesn't sound as though you were suckered by the window company, although they did per...