Family fallout fuels foreclosure fear

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Q: I am a recently divorced single mother of four kids, but I earn a great salary. About a year ago, during my divorce, I lost my home through foreclosure, and then declared bankruptcy. When I lost my home, my mother and I went in together to buy a $550,000 home where she, the kids and I could all live together -- her name went on the mortgage and she provided a $60,000 down payment; I paid the monthly mortgage payments; and both our names went on the title. Recently we had a falling out and she moved out. Now she's filed for bankruptcy herself and has notified me that she plans to give the house back to the bank, since it's upside down -- even though I live there, I'm on title and I've been making the mortgage payments! Since she told me that, I tried talking to the mortgage company about letting me assume the loan, but they won't even talk to me without her permission, which she won't give. I didn't make the payment last month, because I don't want to keep pouring my mo...