Home insurance: ins and outs of coverage

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Recently I wrote a column about the types of claims covered on your homeowner's policy. Our readers had a wealth of comments and questions. Here are just a few of the responses we received. 1. Earthquakes and fires in California Pete Moraga, a communications specialist from the Insurance Information Network of California, explained the notion of "proximate cause." Moraga quotes the California Department of Insurance Web site: "When an earthquake triggers other property losses (such as a bursting water pipe), the earthquake is referred to as the "proximate cause" of the damage, not the "direct cause." CIC Section 10088 states that unless earthquake coverage is in-force at the time of an earthquake, the resulting loss is not covered, even if the direct cause is a covered peril under your residential property policy." This clause seems to suggest that unless earthquake coverage is in place, the resulting loss from an earthquake is no...