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The real estate CEU blues

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I hang my head in shame. My 15 continuing education credits (CEUs) that are required by the Department of Commerce are due in just a few days. I had an entire year to take my classes, but I didn't do most of it until last week. After getting a reminder note from my broker, I spent 30 minutes rooting through my file cabinet and found the file folder labeled CEU. I was confident that I had enough credits. I opened the folder and looked at the dates on the completion certificates and discovered that I had about one-third of the needed credits. If I were to estimate how much business-related training I have taken and given this year I would say it has to be more than 80 hours, but only a few hours of it are approved for continuing education. The rules on CEU are simple: If it is not completed on time, my broker's license is suspended and I can't sell real estate "for others for remuneration." The night after I got the reminder note, I completed 3.75 hours of continui...