Top 10 negotiating rules for Realtors

Perspective: Don't gloat, don't act hastily

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Editor's note: The following is a guest perspective by Rich Levin, a real estate coach and speaker.Most agents have little or no specific training in negotiating, though it is a major component to an agent's success. Negotiating is a skill like any other that is awkward at first and improves with practice. Some of these rules will take some time to implement effectively. Others you will be able to apply immediately. (Some of these rules refer to a situation in which you are presenting and negotiating directly versus through the other agent.) Rule No. 1: Do not go back and forth between the buyer and seller more than twice or you make them crazy. At and after the third round, your chance of making the sale drops dramatically. In the first round the buyer and seller are thinking about buying and selling the home. In the second round the buyer and seller stop thinking about buying and selling the home and start thinking about the money. At and after the third round they begin to...