Making your purchase offer stick

REThink Real Estate

Q: The house we want to buy was listed for $110,000. We offered $108,000, but asked that the sellers pay our closing costs. Our Realtor said that the sellers might respond by saying they have other offers, and she needs to know whether that’s our final offer. Should we say that’s our final offer or offer more?

A: Probably the toughest conundrum in the real estate universe is the question of how much to offer for any given home. Probably the reason it’s so tough is that there are a dozen different ways to approach the question. In a multiple-offer situation, the uncertainty about what you’re up against, the desire not to overpay and the auction-style atmosphere of competitiveness only up the ante — and the puzzlement. So you’ve really got two questions going there: (1) Should you stick at your current offer or offer more, and (2) What should you tell your Realtor?