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When stimulus is meaningless

Letters From the Home Front

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Dear lawmakers: I am writing to thank you for everything you have done over the past year to suture our economic wounds and stimulate our housing market. It has been very helpful. Now, please stop. I know that all of the rules and regulations implemented over the past year were designed with only the best intentions -- to provide opportunities for homeowners to keep their homes while restoring stability and sanity to a messed-up housing market and an economy run amok. But now, as a real estate agent, each day at the office is like staring at a big, expert-level Sudoku puzzle, only the logic in the solution is lost on me. In California, you recently passed a new law placing a 90-day moratorium on foreclosures. "Good one!" I thought, assuming that the families at risk are going to be magically better off in three months than they are now. But that is just one potential flaw. The other became apparent as we had a conversation with our client's lender confirming receip...