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Outside.in has you covered. They have just launched a new product called Outside.in for Publishers -- what they're calling "an out-of-the-box hyperlocal news section for your website." Features include: Customized Neighborhood News Pages for every neighborhood in your market. Rich, interactive maps, headlines, and excerpts. Access to aggregated stories from all local blogs, news sites, and other sources -- including Twitter! Tools to curate the stories, sources and tags that will appear on your site. The product is free, but does come embedded ads from Outside.in. There is an ad-free version that can be licensed, however. I think this would be a great product to integrate with any online real estate research tool -- a way to quickly mash up listings and neighborhoods with a real-time view of the events happening around you. Combine this with the ratings from Walk Score, a proximity search filter like Estately's, market data widgets from Altos Research, and, of...