Sellers think twice about high offers

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Sellers who are lucky and receive more than one offer should carefully consider all aspects of the offers before accepting the one with the highest price. Even if you receive only one offer and it's lower than your asking price, you might want to consider bending some on your price in exchange for a transaction that is likely to close. Ideally, you want a committed buyer who has a good credit score and financial resources, and who has been preapproved for a mortgage, as lenders have tightened their qualifying criteria considerably. HOUSE HUNTING TIP: Your real estate agent should ask the buyer's agent for permission to contact the buyer's mortgage person directly to find out if there is any reason the buyer wouldn't receive credit approval. An offer from a gold-plated buyer at a lower price may be a better deal than a higher-priced offer from a marginally qualified or low-cash-down buyer. Another issue to consider if you receive more than one offer is the likelihood of the...