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The making of real estate hybrids

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Journalists and real estate professionals have long shared an image problem.The stereotypes are a fixture in fictional TV shows and in the movies: the reporter who lies, cheats and/or steals to get the Big Story; the agent who will do anything -- trampling ethics and laws and in-laws -- to close that Big Sale.The perceptions about the below-limbo levels to which professionals in these industries will stoop is pervasive, and especially ironic because trust and reputation are cornerstones for the success of these professionals and their industries as a whole.Unethical practices by the few truly bad apples have left lasting scars on both industries.There are many more parallels, too, to the challenges faced by professionals in both industries.Both industries face newcomers and sweeping changes, ushered in by the Internet and changing consumer demands and interests.Attention spans are shortened, divided -- more and more people are getting their news in bits and blips, and from a wide varie...