Hybrid circular saw makes cuts easier

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There are certain tools that you think you may never need, and then when you try one, you start wondering how you ever got along without it. The new Heavy-Duty TrackSaw from DeWalt is one of those tools. And like all of DeWalt's tools, it's designed and built with the professional user in mind, but it's certainly right at home in the hands of any serious do-it-yourselfer! As the name implies, the TrackSaw is a portable circular saw that rides on a track. The saw has a broad, aluminum base with a wide groove machined into the bottom. The precision-extruded track has a raised ridge running the length of it that mates with the groove in the saw's base. The track is clamped onto the material you want to cut, and the saw runs along the track to create perfectly straight, splinter-free cuts. The TrackSaw combines the precise cutting of a table saw or panel saw with the portability and ease of use of a circular saw. It allows for one-person cutting of even the largest and heaviest...