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Savvy buyers save on settlement costs

Does you lender guarantee fixed-dollar fees?

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"Do you agree with the advice contained in the recent USA Today article, in which you were quoted, on how to save on settlement costs?" That article made me realize that my views on how borrowers can best prevent overpaying on settlement costs are very different from those of most counselors. The author listened to my views but understandably went with the majority. This article will compare the different approaches. The consensus view is that borrowers should prepare themselves to challenge individual settlement charges for which there is no justification, and those that are legitimate but overpriced. In preparation, they should educate themselves about the mortgage process in general, because loan providers will treat educated borrowers with more respect. They should also educate themselves about the various settlement charges so they can ask relevant questions and challenge questionable figures. To educate themselves, borrowers should talk to other borrowers who...