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Imagine a world without landlords

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NEW YORK -- Yikes, a few months of rough times and suddenly we're mired in a dystopian future where fuel is scarce and law and order has begun to break down. Actually we lifted most of that from Wikipedia's plot summary for "Mad Max," but this Times story on the decrepit state of some landlord-abandoned apartment buildings throughout the city certainly bangs home that message. Holy '70s, Batman:

In the Bronx, anybody can walk into the four-story building at 422 East 178th St. Someone took the front door off the hinges and sold it for scrap metal. Drugs have been sold out of vacant apartments.

"A nightmare," said Cesar Guzman, 29, who lives in the building. "I can't describe it as anything else."

In Brooklyn, a woman at 76 Newport St. sai...