Product review: Real Estate Shows

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Reviewer: Mark S. Bergman Product: Real Estate Shows free trial 1. Ease. Is it easy to use for real estate professionals? For real estate consumers? How steep is the learning curve? RealEstateShows is relatively easy to use. Those familiar with other virtual tour products will be able to start creating tours and virtual fliers without reading the instructions, but read the FAQs or view the on-line video tutorials to get the most out of the service. Strengths (250 words or less): Simple, fairly intuitive user interface. I created my first tour in five minutes. Publishing to other Web sites is quick and easy. Basic features are easy for the average user. Weaknesses (250 words or less): I uploaded several photos that I’d taken in landscape mode. I’m accustomed to being to able to rotate photos from within virtual tour applications. I never found a way to edit a photo after uploading. If the feature is included, it’s well hidden. Limited number of Web sites...