Putting the ‘short’ back in short sale

Tips on how to make process go smoother

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Lately, homebuyers are seeing more and more short-sale opportunities, but it seems as if fewer purchases are actually being completed. The perception in this case is correct. The short-sale process has become a nightmare: it goes on forever, sometimes never coming to a satisfactory conclusion even after months of effort. All I can say is, "Hang in there, folks, help is on the way." According to industry sources, the playing field will soon begin to make more sense to buyers as servicers (the folks who actually handle your loan) will either move at-risk loans to special servicers that are experienced in this field and/or set parameters ahead of bids. "There are going to be a lot more short sales coming into the system," predicts Scott Thompson, a principal in Mortgage Resolution Services Inc. in Rancho Cordova, Calif. "Servicers have done a lousy job. They know it and are now looking to solve the problem." This is a necessity, Thompson adds, &q...