Are agent and inspector in cahoots?

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DEAR BARRY: When I bought my home, my Realtor arranged for a home inspection. She had me write a check to the inspector but didn't tell me when the inspection was to take place. So I missed the chance to attend. To make matters worse, the home inspector never gave me or my Realtor a report. I asked repeatedly for a report, but the agent put me off with some excuse about the inspector having marital problems. Finally, it was time to close escrow and she convinced me to let the inspection go and just buy the house. After moving in, I kept finding problems, like leaky plumbing and outlets that didn't work. So I hired another home inspector. He found a long list of problems, including a damaged foundation. I've tried complaining to my agent about all of this, but she doesn't return my calls. What do you think about this situation, and what should I do? --Gloria DEAR GLORIA: Any Realtor can make a professional mistake, but your agent seems to have gotten it wrong on every coun...