Be picky when picking real estate agent

How to know if yours is match made in heaven

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Assembling the right team of professionals to assist you during a home purchase or sale is imperative, particularly in today's challenging home-sale market. Selecting the right real estate agent can be critical to your ultimate success. As in any business, there are good agents and agents who aren't so good. Don't confuse years in the business or number of homes sold with quality service. Some top-performing agents provide their clients with excellent service. Agents who do a lot of business have a wealth of experience to draw from that can be helpful when problems arise. However, some agents are more interested in making a commission than they are in satisfying their clients. They might sign up the listing promising to sell your home quickly for the best price possible. After that, you may see or hear little from that agent. Rather, you'll interact with assistants who may or may not have the experience needed to adequately take care of your needs. Make certain before you l...