Landlord gets ‘F’ in mailbox security

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Q: I live in a 500-unit apartment community comprised of nearly 20 buildings. My problem is that the mailboxes to the individual units are not secure. The mailboxes are centrally located in each building, with four rows of six mailboxes in a single "bank" per building. Shortly after moving in I inadvertently started to open the wrong mailbox and discovered that my mailbox key worked on someone else's mailbox. A little more research led me to realize that my mailbox key works on each and every one of these 24 mailboxes! After talking to my neighbor across the way, I have learned that any mailbox key will work on all of the mailboxes. I found that my key even works on the mailboxes at other buildings!In addition, the boxes will not stay closed if more than the usual amount of mail is placed in them. Often when a magazine or other large item is placed in them, they literally pop open, causing mail to fall on the ground and blow around the courtyard. I think this is...