Low-cost fixes to ‘green’ your home

Buyers sold on key money-saving improvements

Given the ceaseless environmental drumbeat we hear, it seems practically un-American not to want to green-up the old homestead these days. On the other hand, it also would seem practically un-American to be a big-ticket spender, given the current state of the economy. But sustainable living doesn't always have major dollar signs attached to it, according to its advocates. And beyond monthly utility savings, even modest green-related investments can pay off when it comes time to sell the house, they say. That's because a growing number of consumers equate "green" with "good." "It doesn't matter which consumer survey you look at, there's something on the order of 20 percent of the market that will only buy green," said John Stovall, an executive with EcoBroker, an Evergreen, Colo., company that trains real estate agents to help clients find and market homes with environmentally friendly features. Another 25 percent will at least look at such featu...