Will downpayment aid draw gift taxes?

Parents' donation may have implications for estate

DEAR BENNY: My question concerns our gift to our son and his wife. My husband and I paid $28,000 for the downpayment on the house they bought in 2008. We paid it by a money order directly to the lawyer handling the transaction. Does our son owe any gift taxes on the $4,000 that is above the $24,000 gift amount that was allowed in 2008? The loan is in my son’s name. The house is in both of their names. –Priscilla

DEAR PRISCILLA: The additional $4,000 above the $12,000 per gift that you made to your son and his wife is not taxable to them. It may have tax implications for your estate on your death. According to our federal tax laws, the donor (you and your husband) are responsible for any tax involving a gift. Discuss your specific situation with your own financial adviser.

Note that as of Jan. 1, 2009, the annual exclusion is now $13,000.