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Book Review: 'Saving Your American Dream'

Mortgage brokerage owner Jason Biro is on a mission: a mission to help Americans save and protect their homes from the threats of foreclosure and the other disastrous financial and life consequences of predatory mortgages. In Biro’s new book, "Saving Your American Dream: How to Secure a Safe Mortgage, Protect Your Home and Improve Your Financial Future," he launches a two-part campaign to save Americans’ homes through education and through an actual online fund, to which readers can apply (using a code they must obtain from the book) to obtain an actual hard, cold cash bailout from their individual foreclosure nightmares.

This book is simple and elegant, serving in many ways as the antithesis of its shelfmates, the complicated analyses of how mortgage derivatives and Wall Street arrogance precipitated the mortgage meltdown, and the "how to get rich quick buying and flipping and renting," oh my.