Can landlord stop animal-killer?

Flying pellets ruin quiet enjoyment, safety

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Q: My neighbor and I both rent single-family homes from the same landlord in a residential neighborhood. This neighbor, however, traps squirrels and feeds them live to his dogs. He also shoot birds and squirrels with a pellet gun, with the shots often hitting or ricocheting into my yard, nearly hitting my family or pets. Our enjoyment and use of the yard is affected by his shooting of birds and animals, and having to listen to his dogs tear apart live animals is disgusting. We are in the middle of a one-year lease and can't move or we would be responsible for the remaining rent. What is the landlord's responsibility in getting the neighbor to cease this behavior? A: While you have the same landlord as your neighbor, I think you should make your first call to local law enforcement to report the shootings and the near misses. Shooting any sort of gun may be illegal in your area, and law enforcement should be advised.Illegal actions by tenants should always be brought to the...