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The e-mail was titled, "What is your communication method to the customer?" That alone left me shaking my head. Did she say "to" the customer? And communicate to me, she did, but it was the message to follow that I found most offensive. "I spoke to the receptionist at your office and she said you were "unavailable" to speak with me. Perhaps you were out taking a listing or showing a home? I realize you are very busy and respect your time," read the first paragraph. Now, if there is one thing I dislike more than being communicated to, it is being lied to. I have no receptionist, unless you count the chipper lady who lives in my cell phone and reminds me to start speaking after the tone. No, wait -- that's me, too. What she was peddling was cutting-edge technology -- a drip marketing e-mail campaign -- because "creating top of the mind awareness is needed in a market like today," I was reminded. And don't get me wrong; at th...