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Layar tech now available for iPhone

From Future of Real Estate Marketing

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Augmented reality (AR) is definitely one of the hot new mobile technologies right now. Augmented reality, simply put, is the layering of data on top of the visual output from a smartphone's camera. This has big implications for all kinds of local search tools, but particularly in real estate. Layar is a European company that has developed a platform that helps developers customize and build these data layers (see Layar MARS browser supplements reality on Sellsius blog). Called their Reality browser, it has already been used by French company MeilleurAgents.com to create a layer that displays real-time property valuations in Paris (see Augmented reality real estate valuations). The big news this week, however, is that Layar is now available in the iTunes Store (download link) for the iPhone 3GS handset; which will potentially take this application to a huge new market. As consumer awareness of AR grows, I'll bet we'll see many more innovative uses of this technology in ...