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Talk about your unintended consequences. Two weeks ago, I was innocently watching Twitter when someone linked to a clever animated video spoof on social media. At the end of the video and to my surprise, I learned that I too could make a funny little video by visiting the site shown in the credits -- for free! Being me and all, I took the bait. At the time, I happened to be in the depths of bank-owned despair. I had been wearing my buyer agent hat a lot lately, and it seemed like every home I encountered was owned by a bank. My husband had been finding the same thing but, while he had at least been papering the county with failed offers on behalf of his entry-level buying clients for a couple of months, I hadn't even been able to get my own first-time buyer across a single threshold. The problem was that my particular client had a cool traveling job that took him out of town four days each week. On top of that, he had some crazy notion that he should actually see a home be...