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The builder-boomer disconnect

Study: Older buyers' wants not being fully addressed

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The move-down market is really moving across ... and it's keeping its money closer to home. Homebuyers 55 and over are seeking homes approximately the same size as their present home and, unlike six years ago, they no longer prefer to pay cash. In 2002, 60 percent of builders reported that buyers paid cash while only 23 percent of builders in 2008 described their customers as cash buyers. Fixed-rate loans dominate a new 55-plus homebuying market study, with adjustable-rate mortgages running neck-and-neck in popularity with reverse mortgages.Nearly half of the 55-plus respondents (41 percent) prefer a 30-year fixed-rate loan when purchasing a new home, followed by a 15-year fixed-rate loan (38 percent). A small number (5 percent) preferred a reverse mortgage, some type of adjustable-rate loan (5 percent), or an interest-only loan (3 percent). The downpayment information was part of a new national study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders and MetLife Mature ...