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Real estate’s Web 2.0 science lesson

Letters From the Home Front

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An agent wrote recently on his blog, "If you are not ahead of the technology curve, you are behind and I mean WAY BEHIND!" These words were penned by someone I know and respect -- a very smart dude -- so I have no doubt he intended to inspire and deliver us all unto 21st-century greatness. But, I also suspect that the vast majority of agents who happened to read these words have long since assumed the fetal position, fully prepared to let their licenses lapse. I wanted to smack him (in a friendly sort of way, of course). What am I "behind" in? I agree that agents have to know about the changing technological landscape, much like we had to get a well-rounded education in school. But like school, you don't have to major in any one discipline to succeed. Once again, I think it boils down to one's interpretation of the term "technology," or let's just call it "science." Years ago my daughter decided to enter her school science fair. She de...