Death knocking at disclosure's door

Sellers debate whether to reveal death from natural causes

DEAR BENNY: A relative with a terminal disease was recently found unresponsive while visiting my home. We called an ambulance but he never recovered. We now have our home for sale and am wondering if we are required by state or federal law to disclose this information to our buyer. The neighbors were certainly aware of the fire department and the ambulance being here. Most people die in the hospital but many die at home, and I don’t know whether there is a law regarding this that I should be aware of. –Delores

DEAR DELORES: You will have to ask an attorney in your state, because there are different disclosure laws throughout the country. But what’s the harm in disclosing this — especially if anyone asks you if there is anything unusual about the house? To die of natural causes in a house is quite different from being murdered.