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Real estate extremes, from Jekyll to Hyde

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In this recession, many of us have cut household expenses by getting rid of unnecessary "help" and re-upping on the self-reliance. We've gone from eating out to cooking at home, ditched our dry cleaners for Dryel, and started substituting every other visit to the manicurist for a quick home file-and-polish job. This trend, plus the fact that so many of the shady segment of subprime loans were a result of an implicit conspiracy of intentional under-information between house-hungry homebuyers and their mortgage professionals has, as I've discussed before, given birth to a new generation of awake, reading-before-signing real estate consumers. And this is great -- ideal, even. Even better, this awakened proactivity has trickled over into every phase of real estate transactions and homeownership. Sellers are researching the comps for their homes on the Web and beginning to prepare their homes for sale before they even call the first listing agent candidate.Homeowners a...