Prioritize your house hunt

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My buyer clients know that they count on me to remind them that while fair market value, the comparables and the likely appraised value are all important inputs to their decision on how much to offer for any given property, the price they offer must also pass the final gut-check question: "What's it worth to you?" I've been finding myself asking that same question of homebuyers in a different context lately, though -- the context of what they're willing to do, to what lengths of personal inconvenience are they willing to go -- to do the work of house hunting and successfully buy a home on today's market. Taking a step back, let me preface this mini-rant with another phrase my clients are used to hearing me say: "I don't sell shoes." Not to minimize the importance of shoes and shoe salespeople whatsoever -- shoes are a source of utility, comfort and, sometimes, even delight(!) in my world. However, my reality is that the item I sell is, for most of my cl...