Tropical investing with a twist

Beware island booms, busts and limited ownership

This past autumn when I arrived on the island of Guam in the far Pacific, I was greeted by a tropical depression. After that storm system passed, a typhoon warning was issued. Fortunately for me, the typhoon drifted north where it struck the island of Saipan.

During my time in Guam, but thousands of miles to the southeast, the island of American Samoa was struck by a tsunami. There was a lot of nature roaring about the Pacific while I was out there.

This was my third visit to America’s Pacific Island territories since early in 2007. It wasn’t just for fun. Every two years, Nick Captain of Guam’s Captain Real Estate Group of Cos. hosts the Micronesia Real Estate Investment Conference, and for the second time I was asked to be one of the main speakers.