This is your brain on real estate

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When I was growing up, you could hardly watch TV without seeing that drug prevention commercial with the intact-then-fried egg, and that voiceover intoning ominously, "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs." Some of the self-defeating (at best) and bizarre (at worst) real estate decision-making that ultimately created the recent foreclosure crisis was sufficiently illogical to make one equate us square-footage-obsessed, "Cribs"-gazing, McMansion-gobbling Americans with substance abusers.And that poses the question: What does your brain look like on real estate? In this month's fifth anniversary issue of the New York Times' T Magazine, writer Sarah Kershaw looks to the field of neuroeconomics for recession-era answers to the question of whether "shopping (will) ever feel good again?"In the process, Kershaw states a statistic that is troubling when applied to shopping retail, but downright problematic if it is even a little bit applicab...