Backup offers give sellers a Plan B

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Every seller's dream is to receive offers from more than one buyer. Although multiple offers were scarce last year, in some markets and price ranges listings that are priced right are receiving multiple offers, particularly in the low-end foreclosure markets. Most sellers are inclined to accept the highest-priced offer, but this isn't always the best offer. For example, a seller of a hot property in the hills above Oakland, Calif., received six offers. The two highest offers were close in price, but the seller decided to accept the higher of the two. Fortunately, the seller's agent suggested countering the next best offer for backup position. The buyer in primary position had 10 percent cash for a downpayment. Some issues came up during inspections that were going to be costly to repair. The buyer didn't have more cash to pay for the repairs, so he asked the seller to lower the price. The seller said no and the backup offer became the primary offer. The backup buyer made ...