Know when to walk away

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Book ReviewTitle: "The Foreclosure Survival Guide: Keep Your House or Walk Away With Money in Your Pocket" Author: Stephen Elias Publisher: Nolo Press, September 2009; 320 pages; $15.49. I'm well aware that the majority of economists have long declared the recession over. But I also work with buyers, sellers and owners every single day, and the majority of real people are not feeling like they're out of the woods yet. Many people who obtained and lived up to trial modification agreements under the Home Affordable Modification Program are getting word that their bank will not make the reduced payment permanent, and are feeling like it's Groundhog's Day – going through the déjà vu of foreclosure threats that they thought they were done with months ago. In the mindset management work I've done with homeowners throughout this housing crisis, I've coached them to rethink foreclosure – from "the worst thing that could ever happen" to them to a not ...