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Busy holiday sparks hope for New Year

From The Real Deal

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Editor's note: This article is reposted with permission by The Real Deal. Click here to view the original article. By CANDACE TAYLOR NEW YORK -- Hope springs eternal in the New York City residential market, especially now that 2009 -- the worst year in recent memory -- is over. "If you survived 2009, you can survive anything," said Yael Dunayer, an executive vice president at Barak Realty. Like many other brokers, he pointed to strong activity in the second half of last year as an indicator of a possible 2010 recovery. "The last six months of 2009 have been very active and brokers should look forward to riding this trend well into 2010," Dunayer said. One reason for this optimism is that December -- usually one of the slowest months of the year -- saw more activity than usual, brokers said. As the holidays approach, New Yorkers -- and would-be New Yorkers -- usually take a break from real estate shopping, preferring to gift-shop instead. But th...