The lot-line shocker

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DEAR BENNY: I purchased my home in September 2000. My survey indicated that my fence was encroaching on my neighbor's property by 3 feet. My home was built in 1955 and I am the second owner. The 4-foot chain-link fence has encircled this property for approximately 40 years, and my neighbor (who inherited his home from his parents) indicated that he had no plans of erecting a fence because his companion is claustrophobic. Recently, however, my neighbor and his contractor began constructing an addition to his home that will include a 6-foot wooden fence. Of course, now he wants his 3 feet back. His proposal is to move my fence over 3 feet, reset it, remove/replace my existing double gate with a single one at his expense, and draw up a contract for both of us to sign. I went to both my city assessor's office, and maps and surveys office. Both offices confirmed that my fence was on his property in the back of the house (3 feet) and that his fence was on my property in the fr...