Bye bye toilet wobble

How to lay tile floor around closet flange

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Q: Our toilet wobbles and I have been wondering how to fix it. We are also going to replace the vinyl floor in that bathroom with tile. How close should I lay the tile around the flange? I had this done at another house I lived in quite some years ago. I removed and reset the toilet myself without any problems. I had a contractor install the tiles, but I can't remember how close he came to the flange. This time I am going to lay the floor myself. A: First of all, congratulations on doing it yourself. The short answer is, the tile should extend close enough to the edge of the closet flange to be covered by the rim of the toilet. It's not quite that simple, though. If possible, the flange should be adjusted to be level with the finished floor. Kevin built his house on a tight budget. Choices had to be made and he didn't always go with what he would have liked, thinking he would replace some materials after a while. He installed cheap vinyl flooring in all three bathrooms, th...