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Compliments, insults — agents get both

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The Real Deal asked some agents the greatest compliment and greatest insult they have received in connection with their job. Many agents said winning a client or deal was the source of both. Beyond that, agents have received compliments ranging from sentimental messages to a bobblehead doll made in a broker’s likeness, and insults including being called less than a used carpet salesperson.

Here are some of the compliments and insults brokers have received:

Zhann Jochinke, an associate broker at Argo and co-chair of the market trends committee at the Manhattan Association of Realtors

Compliment: One client had a custom bobblehead made in my image, with a sharp suit and cell phone in hand, and sent it to me with a note saying: "Thank you for being the consummate professional, always there for our every question, dedicated day-in and day-out; we now have the perfect home."

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Insult: It wasn’t really directed to me as an individual but to the industry as a whole. It came from a FSBO (For Sale By Owner), who after a lengthy discussion of the advantages of using a broker/Realtor, said that she thought all brokers were scum and were second only to attorneys. Even after that slight, I managed to get the listing, having the owner concede that she also saw us as a necessary evil — just like attorneys.

Klara Madlin, president of Klara Madlin Real Estate

Compliment: I had shown a couple apartments for a long time and they finally purchased and moved in. A week later, the wife called and said, "I miss you so much. You became part of the family and it seems strange to have days go by without speaking to you."

Insult: The worst thing I was ever called was by an attorney. Her client was a buyer who put an offer in with no financing contingency; however, the home appraised low. The attorney wanted me to split the difference; when I said "No," she said, "I thought you were a big-shot broker but you’re just small potatoes."

Adina Azarian, president, Adina Equities

Compliment: When landlords I work for exclusively give me the authority to approve my own applications for their apartments for rent. …CONTINUED