A return to the good ol' days

Letters From the Home Front

It was 1997, and I returned to my dedicated cubicle in the Big Broker office with my first listing in hand. At one side of my desk were my requisite marketing trappings — a cross-directory, a stack of postcards with some catchy call to action like "Call Me, Already!" and a box of those cute little miniature pumpkins sure to fill my farm with seasonal whimsy and inspire them to start packing.

This morning, though, business development would have to wait. I had a listing and it was time to fire the afterburners. Our office would be piling into the convoy soon enough to travel from one office listing to the next, a "caravan" essential to ensure that the lucky up-desk agent would be able to speak intelligently about each home when the sign calls starting rolling in.

The priority today was to get this puppy in the multiple listing service.