Landlord seeks to uproot bad seed

What to do when tenant secretly sells off shrubs

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Q: I am a landlord and we moved across the country three years ago for a new job. Some day I hope to return to the area, but in the meantime I have been renting out my lovely home. Now I have a serious problem and need your help.

I recently returned to the area to attend a wedding so I took the opportunity to drive by my rental home. I was shocked to find that my tenants had dug out more than 30 mature plants from the front yard and backyard landscaping. The property is now barren!

I confronted the tenant and he claims that all of these plants died and did me a favor by disposing of them. But I also talked to the next-door neighbor who tells me that my tenant had been holding yard sales and selling the plants, shrubs and trees. I am surprised my tenant didn’t sell the lawn as sod! The neighbor didn’t realize that my rental home wasn’t owner-occupied, so she didn’t think to call anyone.