Cures for the closet-obsessed

Mood of the Market

I went house hunting with a client yesterday let’s call her "Alice." Alice’s particular homebuyer neurosis is "closet" post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And she’s not at all in the closet about the fact that she has it — in fact, to the contrary. She’s extremely clear — in her head and with what comes out of her mouth — that ample closet and storage space is a must-have in her home-to-be and, by inference, the lack thereof is a deal-killer for her.

Alice currently lives in a duplex that is very nice, private and in a great area, but has virtually ZERO closet space. This is a problem, for a gal who I have never — I repeat, NEVER — seen repeat an outfit. She’s young, single, makes a great living and has a great figure, so she has, let’s just say, embraced her inner clotheshorse.

The result? Her bedroom is always a mess. Not dirty, but messy, because she has dramatically insufficient storage space. The No. 1 rule of feng shui is that old adage: a place for everything, and everything in its place. But following this rule of thumb is impossible if there is no place for all of the things!