Re-roofing shakedown

No good alternative to OSB sheeting

Q: A while back, you wrote a column about replacing a wood shake roof with asphalt shingles. You said it was necessary to install new plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) sheeting over the one-by-four skip sheeting to provide a surface to nail the asphalt shingles. I would like your opinion on an alternative to the OSB. I thought I might fill the spaces with one-by-fours.

A: Skip sheeting is used primarily with the installation of wood shake roofs. The one-by-four or one-by-six boards are nailed to the rafters, leaving a gap between each board. This allows air to circulate under the shakes.

Years ago, Kevin watched with amusement while a couple of workers stripped the old roof from his next-door neighbor Al’s rental house, filled in the skip sheeting with salvaged wood and put on new three-tab asphalt shingles.